About Company

Mário Cunha & Filhos, Lda

Mário Cunha & FIlhos, Ltd is a footwear company founded in 1985.

It is a strong, well-implemented in the market, perfectionist and constantly updated with new technology company, always emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction.
Almost 100% of our products are for export. At this time we have two own brands: Adventure-Boots and Sleek.
Our products fall into a new concept “urban”, which reflects years of knowledge gained in traditional Portuguese footwear industry, where the best technologies are being implemented together with the best and emerging Portuguese design.
In addition we also work with other brands in various types of products.
This company has the direct participation of 300 workers, highly skilled, which exert their activity in perfect conditions of hygiene and safety, which is a characteristic of refrence for this sector of activity.

Currently the company has capacity to produce 3000 pairs per day. We specialize in various types of construction, which allows us to have great flexibility and also with the ability to develop / produce a complete collection for a particular brand.