if you are facing in the right direction all you need to do is keep on walking



It’s a new concept of urban shoes, that reflects years of knowledge acquired in the Traditional Portuguese shoes Industry, where the best technologies are being put together with the best of the emerging Portuguese design.
With Sleek, you can follow the tendencies with critical point of view, innovation, and above all, with guaranteed quality.
The Sleek attitude represents an urban spirit, cosmopolitan and authentic, that can be wear in the different everyday tasks, becoming a reflex of who wears them.
A ‘Sleeker’ wears what he wants, wears what he likes and above all, prefers comfort in the most advanced contemporary design.
We are young, urban, ideologists and we want you to make some changes in our mass consumption society.



It should be mentioned that the fact that some companies are able to produce more than one kind of construction, allows SLEEK to have a good capacity regarding the quickness of the delivery of orders, being this an imperative factor nowadays, as we are inserted in a very competitive market.
Besides this flexibility, SLEEK has a team of stylists, very creative, who are always concerned with following the fashion, and that all seasons visit the main European capitals.
In order to our stylist quickly develop the new collections, they have available a CAD- CAM system with automatic cutting system which allows a fast materialization of the created styles, and also possible to produce small orders.