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Born in 1985, right in the heart of the traditional Portuguese footwear industry, Mário Cunha & Filhos, Lda. is a footwear manufacturer company located in Felgueiras, Portugal.

What started as a small family business, grew up to become one of the most successful footwear companies in the country.

Through the years, we’ve invested in the most recent and innovative technologies that allowed us to have greater flexibility and to better adapt to our customers needs. While presenting a challenge to the traditional industry, it completely revolutionised the way we operate, making us more efficient and dynamic than ever before. It became possible to produce smaller orders at a more affordable price by reducing developing costs substantially, which is something that was simply not possible in the past and has been so vital in the most recent years.

Even though we are well known for the development and production of men shoes in cemented and strobel construction, we embrace each new project individually and have shown in the past that we are capable of achieving great success even when we step out of our comfort zone.

Proving that, is our most recent accomplishment getting GORE-TEX® Certification to produce Waterproof Footwear. Introduced to us by one of our customers, we embraced this project and overcame the adversity of doing something we have never done before.

We’ve been rebuilding the foundations of our company with a young, dynamic and talented team, that we believe to be up for the challenges to come.


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